Who is Mr. Usaji.. Domo Kun’s Best Friend?

Domo Kun has a few best friends,
but do you know who his best friend in the world is?
Why it’s his mentor and roommate, the old rabbit, Mr. Usaji.

In fact, Usaji has been there since the very start for Domo Kun. He was there to even see him hatch from his egg in the very first episode. He promptly extended a caring hand to Domo by offering him a place to live in his cave. After that, Domo and he quickly grew to become fast friends.

Join us as we chat about a few details regarding Mr. Usaji, and enjoy looking at some nifty pictures we dug up of our bunny buddy, too.

Rabbit Quiz – What Do You Know About Mr. Usaji

How old is he? He’s lived in his cave for seventy years, so he’s at least 70-years-old.

What’s his favorite food? He loves to eat carrots.

What does he dislike the most? Things that are without meaning.

Does he own a telephone? No, he is not fond of new things.

What is his favorite thing to do? Watch TV.

What is his favorite drink? Green Tea.

What does his name translate into in English? “Old Rabbit.”


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