it must be so much fun traveling around the world with domo :3


Domo-kun, the fuzzy brown mascot of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), has enjoyed a worldwide cult following ever since the internet exposed him storming after a kitten across a rolling hillside in 2001. But that scandal and his flatulent nature haven’t slowed him down. In fact, nowadays, you may see him in seasonal costumes at Target or emblazoned across the chests of hipsters, Hello Kitty buffs, and everyone in between.

Back in 2003, I coaxed this pointy-toothed curmudgeon out of his underground cave and have since accompanied him on various adventures around the world. He has gnawed on Slim Jims from a Nebraska gas station and indulged in decadent delights from Parisian patisseries. He has spied kangaroos in the Australian wild and witnessed the changing of the guards in South Korea. He has chilled with chicks in Italy and dodged bulls in Spain.

How did he come to allow me into…

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