Describe YOU!

When you see me–even if you don’t know who I am, I’m sure you will immediately know that I am a muslim girl. That’s the most thing really made me, yeah, thank God. And luckily, I live in Indonesia, a beautiful country which has muslim as majority.

It takes more time usually when somebody ask me about my name. Anata, Ananta, Katana–or some other names like that they got, at the first time I  introduce my name. So, the best thing I should do for this stuff is, clearly, spelling my name.


Maybe it’s me, when you meet a girl,


who simply wears long-shirt or cardigan

combined by long jeans or skirt,

often with bright or soft colors, except pink

and never any highheels nor wedges.


actually wearing glasses, but generally she only does when she’s study at class, watch movie at the cinema, or read menus in a fastfood restaurant.


no wonder if you call her or just say hello on a distance more than about 5 meters,

she will not give any response beside continuously looking at you until she get sure or at least know who you are

for about a meter or less, then she replies to your ‘hello’ with her excited way,

but not seldom you’ve already peeved or have no sense about her.


she loves making friends, but doesn’t easy to make them as her true best friend.


prefer to do a face to face chit-chat instead of through the virtual media

commonly, it’s happen for her bestiest.


even though it’s hard to make her really-really keep quiet, she frequently being a listener than a talker, especially for some private things

and, no doubt, you can trust her for keeping a secret.


not just once she ruines yours, moreover her-self-plan, because of her lousy time management

also, she’s a deadliner.


forgetful and careless

not a good keeper, often getting confuse looking for her stuffs

really need a great reminder.


she’s not well organized

but she has her journey-of-life-notes

or some kind of whatever she want to, things to do, goals of life, dreams, and the other similar stuffs.


talking about notes, she likes to make her own notebook,

prefer plain paper than lined paper

so that she can freely scribbled on it.


loves spending awful time with her friends

likewise having herself quality time.

you can find her sits anywhere on her delight time enjoying some ice cream.

while reading a book, do anything with her laptop, maybe some other simple work

or just it, having an ice cream.


loves freedom

really love to do anything she wants, anything she likes

less interested for some rules

but she knows what are the boundaries


peaceful is her choice

better to keep silent or prefer to give no respond than making an enemy


has a simple motto for her life

optimist, cheerful, and happy.


If you find a girl like that, it’s maybe me.

But if you meet a girl like that whose name Atana Sarah Dinda Nadhirah,

definetely it’s me!


I’d love to have some ice cream with you

who has a brilliant idea about making a great useful thing

about kids, books, design, programming, painting, hiking, domo-kun, awesome places,

a new (whatever) thing for me,

or even a simple thoughts of you

that can make this world better :)


Leave your comment ! :D

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