Troublesome: UX Analysis

I imagine a whole fun amazing stuffs while doing my research. I thought I really love this field: UX. Okay. Actually I am new. I do really excited after I knew what are the UX designers have to do.

UX is not about design at all. UX ask for understanding. What are the user’s problems.  What they want. What they need. What are the things that could help their work. Making their life easier and flushed with fun.

This case supposed me (as a UXer) to do the first, the longest, and the most crucial phase: Analysis. Long way to go for completing this step. The last thing I have did is building a Work Affinity Activity Diagram (WAAD).

??????????What’s next? I should make some requirements statements. UX have self-orientation defining a term called ‘requirement’. It takes us to get the interaction design requirements, also usefulness which affected by the functionality.

And now I get stuck. Today. Tonight. I decided to go bed and wake up early to refresh my brain my mind and my heart. Haha ya because UX there for creating a happiness. Then why I can’t make myself happy while doing this?

But the fact now I can’t sleep thinking of this stuff and a number: 23.


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