UX Roles

There are some consistent roles/specialisations for a UXer working on a web project, including:

  • User Researcher: focuses on tasks such as conducting user interviews, interviews, behaviour analysis;
  • Information Architect: focuses on tasks such as how to organise site content, how search should work, what labels to use on menus;
  • Content Specialist: focuses on tasks such as copywriting, how to structure content to be deployed on different devices, microcopy on headings & buttons;
  • Interaction Designer: focuses on tasks such as what screens should go where in an app, and how a user flows through them. Also transitions between screens, often inspired by real-world paradigms (page curls, sliding windows etc.);
  • Visual Designer: focuses on typography, layout, colour, graphics, visual effects, imagery, texture, mood;
  • Project Manager: focuses on planning, organising and controlling a project and its team—including UX-related activities;
  • Front-end Coder: focuses on writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript code to implement a visual design; and
  • Online marketer: focuses on marketing activities like sales copy, conversion rates of landing pages, email campaigns, web analytics, SEO, and integrating sales with blog content.

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