Where am I?

I’m sure that everyone, okay, maybe almost everyone have had a long terrible night. Don’t know what to do with the open-eyes on the sleep time.
Here I am killing the time.
Anyway thanks Matt, your invention really help me for many times.
I am on a disoriented-mode about myself these days. It’s all about me and my future. I do know what I want. What are my dreams. What are accomplishments I have to reach. And I have no doubt about the things I love.
Nowadays, I have so much time doing all the things I like. I also got some chances to power up my skills. Some people ask me to help them doing something I am good at, they will give some money to thanked me.
What makes me couldn’t understand is, emm, I don’t get an excitement of that lovely-stuffs.
It feels like… something miss, dissapear. I have no spirit.
I don’t have any idea about what I really need at this time. To bringing back my advance power to achieve my goals. Even if I do really know the purposes of each my dreams.
Could you please get me a potion such as, a magic candy maybe? Or take me to the ice cream castle?


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