At home, of course, I shouldn’t worry about the electricity, Internet connection, pray room, or even a toilet.
But this day, I felt like I need to go far far away from home.
I need myself-time, myself-room.
But there were so many things to do. There all need a notebook. Or laptop I mean.
So I went out from home, reaching a place where I can found myself world. Without someone I knew. Without family or friends. And the most important thing was, without distraction from anyone or anything.Try to get my works done.


But the reality was….
I came to a place, with some spots to charge your electronic stuffs, but there were all fulled. It’s also have WiFi network, but it won’t connect my gadget.
A half hour before, I went to a bookstore, looking for a good one.  But I got nothing.

Soo I checked my bag. Luckyly I found a marking pen, and I knew I bring a notebook, a notebook with some papers I mean.
Finally I did some sketches, made some concepts for my design works. I can digitalised them later without thinking too long for the design.

What can I learn today. If your (digital) notebook won’t worked, then you still could work with another notebook. Yay!

And you know? I feel better now :D


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