Pencapaian #2

They said, love your job so you will never have to work a day in your life.
Merci beaucoup. I ought to be grateful to have what they called ‘jobs’ today.

First, I have a flexible place and working hours kind of job and this job suits my hobby.
Secondly, I have a chance to join an internship in a big company and my job is…….. what I had dreamed.
Last precious thing is the job I created by myself, sorry, I mean with my friend. If we built this job, it means we made it based on our passion.

You know, this life could never be perfect like you wish to be.
Sometimes, I get so bored. I have to do the same kind of thing each day. It gets more complicated when I lost my mood.
Despite of nothing-to-be-complained in the office, I hate the fact that the fastest (with good price) way to go home is  using public train which is always overcapacity.
Build a startup bussiness needs much effort. You’ll find so many problems. You have to strong enough to (at least) keep survive. You have to be creative and think big and think wise. When you and (also) your partner are having so many activities by their own, it’s dangerous.

However, I do love my jobs.

How? Some people asked me how can I got those job?
Because I seek for it. As simply as it was.
When I couldn’t find what I want, I was trying to made it.
When I failed passing a job test, God was giving me (which I realize later) what I need for that time.
When I sincerely accept what He gave (actually I did never really stop looking for my dream job oppportunity – but I am not in an ambition), He showed me a (rarely) chance, which made my eyes sparkling, but felt hesitate then.

At the end, it’s my choice. I have to decide. I am 21. Okay, towards 22. I use to know what I need, what I like, what I love, even what I dislike and also to understand why.

But, one thing, don’t impose anything you shouldn’t. You may keep going for your dreams. The end of story maybe suits your dream, maybe not. Somehow, you’ll wonder that you can’t agree more with His choice.


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