My lovely “atanasworld” is the one who can tell everyone, especially myself, which things that only spoken out from my mouth and which are really struggled and then became true.

This year, I spent less time for blogging. And I have no target about how many time I should post something on this blog.

Why? I want to write something that doesn’t seem too trashy like all of my ‘big mouth’ thingy yesterday.

And start from now.. I want to tell you (uhm.. sorry maybe sometime I just tell and remind myself) about my successes and failures. I know every process is so important. But the result is important too. More important I guess. It’s become important because people can see it, not only me. Everybody needs example. Model. Real one. To learn from. Somehow.. what I need is not just beautiful thoughts, opinions, or talks without proof.

So I have to work out to make successes and (I hope only a little or maybe null :p) failures as much as I can. Next, if someone ask me for a help, share his/her problem, or whatever he/she needs, I can share my stories with so many lessons inside.