I don’t have any occupation neither school to study for about four months. At first, it was so hard for me. People asked me what did I do, what are my activities, did I go to school or work, etcetera. Ya, that wasn’t easy to explain it.

Nowadays, it is going fine. No job doesn’t mean nothing to do. No money doesn’t mean no happiness. Luckily no job also doesn’t mean no money.

Yes, I’ve made a decision. Each decision has a risk. Sometimes I feel so bored because I had to stay at home all the time. Having less people for (live) conversation is really, really bad you know. Less money. Less spirit. Less motivation.

On the other hand, you know what are the best things?
I can meet my family everyday. I can play with my cousins. I have much time for GoodNote. I have time to paint and draw. I can do my design work and watch TV at the same time. I can improve my english skill. I have time to read books. I can learn to play piano again. I am home. Every. Single. Day.
While many people outside there are missing their home.

Well. I chose this way not for no reason. I just making the direction to be there, on my destination.

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