2015 in Review


Closing this year, I would like to thank God and everyone who made my wonderful 2015!
Through unpredictably smiles and tears, I’ve learned so many things.
Family, friends, work, jobs, art, design, love, money, communication, relationship, kindness, life, and death.

I spent most of the time in this year at home.
Yes. Home.

2015 taught me this things:
1. Every problem has a solution.
2. Don’t turn a hobby into a work.
3. Don’t think twice to do a good thing.
4. Pray. Endeavor. Pray.
5. There is always a way. God had already arranged my life in such an impressive way.
6. I have to be kind to everyone, then I will have no regret in the future. Because I don’t know when we should go back to our God.
7. Make time for my beloved people as long as I can.
8. I have to ask my self before doing something, especially the big things. What is the purpose? Am I happy with this? Is this good? Is this what my heart says? Is this what I really want? What I really need? Am I sure?
9. Being different is not bad.
10. Everybody need money and money comes from everywhere.
11. How much money that I have is not a guarantee of how much happy I am.
12. I don’t need to know what time is it now to meet my God. He always there, listen for me.
13. I can be nice to everybody. But I can’t be a best friend for everyone.
14. Read more.
15. Don’t give up. Cliche. But it’s true.
16. Listen more. Listen. Don’t just hear. Listen right.
17. The only one who can understand my self is me. Only me.
18. If I feel not good about something, just speak it up. Solution will come from communication.
19. I have to know what is my biggest goal. Then I will make sure that I am walking on the right path.
20. Okay, enough. I am so sleepy.

Thankyou. Welcome 2016 :)

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