Enjoy the process 

Seriously, this girl has a lot of things she wish she could achieve. After some months, she was facing reality which isn’t always as she expected. Some times she becomes afraid and worries everything. Many things to do. Some are the must, but some are just because she really wants to. Becoming too anxious thinking about the future and what are the pleasure useful things that she can do for this world. The effect of thinking too hard and long is not good actually.

She isn’t as happy and cheerful as she was. Too afraid to think if she’ll fail to reach her goals. Sometime she wants to come back to her childhood. Playing around and get very easy to be happy.

Time flies, moments happened, up and down, sad and happy.. and then she is trying to be more realistic. She is trying to just face what’s in front of her eyes. Facing today. Giving and doing the best of her. 

Because after all, she realize that she doesn’t know anything about how much time left that she has. So, she just has to treat this current time as well. Enjoying the process. Enjoying life. Smiling. Helping others. Learning to get better and better. Because of God. 

“Whatever it is, the time will come.”

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