break the rules

Hello, rule-breaker-girl! It’s just the 3rd day and you’ve messed it up. Nice.

You have not did a physical exercise this day and…. you got back to your bed this morning! Have you read some pages of a book? Then when will you practice your english? Okay, this post could be good enough to increase your writing skill.

So you must have to pay it all. Do it now! You should learn to respect your own rules, your intention to build a better you. If you don’t, how can you respect others?

Be a nice girl from now, please :)

Hari Blogger Nasional 2014

national bloggers dayHalo. Actually gue (katanya) masih berstatus pengangguran. Tapi hei, ternyata gue nggak sepenuhnya nganggur. Banyak hal yang gue kerjakan saat-saat ini. Karena beberapa hari kemaren pola hidup gue mulai kacau dan berantakan lagi, gue mau bikin resolusi. Nggak harus nunggu tahun baru kan buat bikin resolusi baru? :D

  1. selesai baca 36 buku di tahun 2014: masih butuh 20 buku lagi!
  2. daily artwork: setiap hari produksi minimal 1 karya
  3. mulai aktif instagram: sehari minimal 1 kali posting hasil karya sendiri
  4. akhir tahun 2014 buku latihan IELTS nya beres lalu ikut tesnya
  5. kembangin goodnote: bikin review seminggu sekali
  6. ngga tidur lagi abis subuh! seriously my life was ruined by this thing
  7. olahraga setiap hari minimal 15 menit (belakangan ini udah engga lagi)
  8. aktif nulis lagi di blog sehari sekali
  9. nabung dan sedekah setiap hari
  10. latihan piano seminggu sekali
  11. bahagia bahagia bahagia bahagia bahagia

Okay that’s all. Please kindly remind me if I start to break my own rule :)

Selamat Hari Blogger Nasional! Jadikan blog kesayanganmu sebagai penolong untuk kembali menata hidupmu :)

Welcome 3ʳᵈ !

atanasworld 3rd

Welcome three years! Let us fly higher higher higher.

3 main key for every single day
Learn anything reading, watching, listening, surfing, discussing, increase your knowledge!
Do something good copy, edit, try, create, practice, innovate, power up your skill!
Share anything useful post, tweet, tell stories, let people know!

21 Ramadhan

100First time got a hundred views on my blog heheh thanks for yoou visitors who came to my place :D

Maaf yah kalo norak aku bukan superstar yang banyak fans nya atau bangsawan yang idola banyak orang. Jadi seneng dikit gapapa lah yaaa :p


Happy 2nd Birthday, atana’s world!

2nd anniversary atanasworld

Wow it has been two years since i decided to made a wordpress account. Time after time, this blog supposed to be my close friend. A place where I could did everything I want. Write anything in my mind. Post all the things I like. Transform all my random thoughts into some pictures or words. Some are just kind of negligible stuffs. But who cares.

I’m not an expert writer. But you know what? When I started to wrote down whatever-I-want-to or whatever-wishpered-in-my-mind, it just flow. And the point of all, it made me think. Thats not an impossible if I took a long time for only made a paragraph or even a sentence. That moment becomes valuable by the time I suddenly got a solution or an answer of my-self-question-or-problem.  Why it could happened? Because, at that time, I thought more.  I got my pretty peaceful time so I could thought clearly.  So many lessons I learned. It helped me to thrive.

I really enjoyed the time I move slightly with this blog. As it name suggests, it seems to be my world. Yeah actually not every piece of my life was here. But every post in here represented my world and it’s sorroundings. And obviously I love my world. Thanks a lot for this two years, pal! All the best wishes. Happy happy birthdaay \m/


happy 2 year with wordpress