Ini cerita tentang Ibu Eka.

Ibu Eka, adalah seorang ibu 1 anak yang tinggal di daerah Ciawi, Kabupaten Bogor.
Sudah lama ditinggal suaminya dan anak satu-satunya mengadu nasib di Jakarta, Bu Eka menyibukkan hari-harinya dengan menjadi ibu asuh bagi anak-anak di sekitar rumahnya. Sebagian anak-anak ini merupakan anak yatim, ada juga yang masih memiliki orangtua namun hidup dalam kondisi penuh keterbatasan. 

Bu Eka selalu merangkul mereka semua yang datang ke rumahnya dengan menyediakan makanan, menyediakan alat-alat tulis, alat gambar untuk anak-anak bermain, dan juga mengajarkan mereka sholat dan mengaji. Sifat bu Eka yang penuh kasih membuat anak-anak terus berdatangan ke rumahnya selepas mereka sekolah atau membantu orangtuanya masing-masing bekerja.

Ibu Eka sendiri sudahlah tidak muda, dan tidak memiliki penghasilan tetap. Berbagai cara dilakukan Bu Eka untuk menyokong hidup, salah satunya dengan berjualan bunga yang dibuat dari kain-kain sisa.

Saya, dan teman-teman alumni Ilmu Komputer 47 IPB, ingin bergerak membantu bu Eka. Untuk itu, kami menawarkan teman-teman yang ingin membeli bunga-bunga di atas, atau yang ingin memberikan sarannya dalam rangka membantu Bu Eka, agar jangan segan menghubungi kami 🙂

Klik di sini yuk buat bantu Ibu Eka! :)

Soon to be Little Free Library

One day I browsed Pinterest to get some inspiration for (my future) books cafe or cafe-library, something like that. Then I found these pictures!







Oh God I can’t stand on these stuffs. Aren’t they amazing? Why didn’t I think of it before all this time?

My mind walked around. There were more other dreams. So many ideas inside my head. I wish I could have one! Oh no. I hope that I can find that mini-libraries everywhere in my city. How about… at the park? Brilliant.
Yeah. Bogor has several parks and that would be nice if each park has a little free library, for public of course. Everyone would get an access to read books! Even the street childs. Whoever. How about proposing this project to our mayor? Pak Bima Arya, would you please? We’ll make Bogor not only a rain city but also “reading city”. So, around the city we’ll find people enjoy reading instead of playing with their gadgets.

I can’t just keep it on my mind so I tell my family, I talked to (some of) my friends and their responses…. well, actually they were agree that it was a cool idea to be implemented. But… I have to think about every detail of it because making a public facility ain’t that easy. I should understand and have a clear explanation for the concept, library’s system, how to build it, how much it cost, how to collect the books, and the hardest part is how to maintain it.

God. Why suddenly it came so far from the reality?

O..kay. I gave up. But I won’t really give up at all. I want have one. For this time, maybe it will be enough if I put that one in front of my home. Oh, then I thought I can put it in front of Mom’s cake shop. Ya, Rumah QueQue.

I shared this idea to my mom and my aunt too. Auntie supports me and nicely would accompany me to the carpenter.

After some occasions, finally there was mom who brought me to a place where the carpenter is a man behind my story of when a dream come true :”””)


I can’t keep myself calm for this excitement! Sadly I have to do some works until I can freely paint this lovely mini library and fill it with good books. Can’t wait!! ❤