Philosophy for a happy life

Seseorang dengan penyakit serius bukan tidak pernah merasakan sakit atau menderita karena keterbatasannya untuk melakukan segalanya. Mengalami hari-hari buruk dan serangan berbagai ketakutan mengenai teman, sahabat, pergaulan, penerimaan masyarakat, dan masa depan akan selalu ada.

Meskipun begitu, selalu masih ada, bahkan masih banyak sesuatu yang dapat dilakukan. Mengenai kecintaan terhadap sesuatu, impian, passion. Apapun itu yang membuat bahagia.
Bisa jadi sebuah alasan untuk melupakan rasa sakit atau sekadar mengalihkannya meskipun hal itu tak bisa dihindari. Makanya mencari kesibukan untuk mendapat kebahagiaan bisa menjadi sepenting itu.

Kenapa harus berfokus kepada segala kesedihan kalau di sisi lain ada yang bisa digapai untuk menciptakan hidup yang menyenangkan?

Bukan untuk melupakan sakitnya. Tapi untuk membuktikan. Bahwa setiap orang, apapun kondisinya selalu bisa bermanfaat. Tapi untuk bisa ikut terlibat. Untuk mengubah dunia. Mengubah dunia artinya memberikan sesuatu yang bermanfaat bagi banyak orang. Setidaknya banyak orang dibikin bahagia.

Bonusnya, melihat dan mengetahui bahwa banyak orang bahagia karena sesuatu yang kita kerjakan justru memberikan kebahagiaan yang berlimpah bagi diri sendiri.

Daily Prompt: Pick your Gadget – Anywhere Door!


In advance, thankyou for The Daily Post who takes up my idea. Actually, my idea for this prompt is a question: “Which one do you want, a time machine or an anywhere door?”

Becoming interesting, daily prompt have made a modification for this idea so that the prompt become like this:

“Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?”

Those three things sound sooo exciting and full of freedom! I love that. But for me, I prefer to get an anywhere door!

Time machine looks good. I can go through the past or even the future. Knowing and learning what happened at that time, and what happened next, and why it could happened. Maybe I can fix up my fault and failure yesterday then my past become better and get near to perfect. Besides, I can see my future which makes me to stop wondering and worrying about that things. I can better prepared for everything and avoiding risk or bad things. I will know what are the questions for my examination tomorrow and looking for the answer now. Haha!

But, No! I don’t like that. All those certainties make no efforts for reaching everything. Dreams, goals, and all the things happened to me. Fixing failure in the past also not a good idea for me. The past is the past. It doesn’t have to be perfect. All those misatakes and failure becoming precious lessons for me and shaping a better me, a stronger me. Morover, the success without sweatness just have no sense.

What about invisible helmets? Okay this one sounds sophisticated. I can go anywhere with no one see me. This is good for me if I work as a detective. I’ll find out the secrets of some people, hear everything I want without permission. I also have no scare to the villain because I can walk through them and they dont know even there is me. Maybe I can give them a punch! Yeah! Haha okay you can say that this stuff is not gentle.

So, the most adorable thing in this case is: Anywhere Door. Oh God, I can go everywhere. Anywhere I want. It helps me alot to kill my boredom. I don’t need to have alot of money for buying some tickets. I can go so fast and no time waste because of the traffic. I’ll go around the world, meet new things, new people, new culture! I can learn from so many country, city, village, all the places and people and takes all the positive sides they give. I can easily get inspiration from place to place. Imagine this: Surfing and searching I usually do through the cyberspace is transform into the real word space!

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Indonesia: Social, Digital, Mobile Worldwide and Asia Pasific in 2014



Hello Indonesia. We’re on the world-top 25. 7th place time spent on social media. About 38 million internet users. 62 million active facebook users. 5h 27m average internet time spent  on desktop/laptop and 2h 30m on mobile phone each day. 2h 54m spend on social media each day. 74% mobile users using social media apps.