let it happen

Let everything happen like it should happen. Still, I could not understand why the one could be like that and the other one could be like this somehow. How long I try and how deep I think, I still have no idea . May be I don’t always need to understand. Just be sure, The Almighty Allah always has the best answer, exactly.

So, is it okay if I choose a ‘let it flow’ principle for some situation?


People come and…

People come and go. Whether is good or bad, be thankful. Even if there were some situation you didn’t realize. They teach you so many lessons. The matters build a better you. The complicated things grown you up. No bad people in this world. They’re just different. And each of them are just need to be understood.

For a friend, thankyou.


Aku punya mesin…

Aku punya mesin waktu, pintu kemana saja, dan kostum tak terlihat. Kamu cuma boleh pilih satu. Mau yang mana? Ceritakan kenapa kamu pilih benda itu!

Ga bisa bohong kalo gue seneng banget liat antusias orang-orang–bahkan yang nggak gue kenal dan lintas dunia, ngasih pandangannya tentang pertanyaan imajinasi konyol yang gue ajuin lewat daily prompt dari blog-nya the daily post :)

Anyway ini jawaban dari temen-temen gue lewat twitter hehehe

yaumil diba depong cuna